Monthly Soaring Magazine Articles for 2022

January - The Possible Turn by Richard Carlson - SSF Chairman

At a recently completed Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) we had a short discussion on planning and executing the dreaded 'Premature Termination of the Tow' (PT3) event, commonly called a rope break. The discussion started with the question, what factor or factors are important in determining if you turn back and land at the airport or not. Read the full article.

February - 2022 SSA Convention Activities

Later this month the Soaring community will gather in Reno NV for its biennial convention. In addition to the great activities and speakers the SSA has in store for us, the Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF), and the Organisation Scientifique et Technique Internationale du Vol a Voile (OSTIV) will contribute speakers and host events that all can enjoy. Join us and take advantage of the expertise and knowledge that the SSF and OSTIV will provide. Read the full article.

March - Covid Corrosion. (Rusty Pilot? That's Me!) by Burt Compton

24 months so far with the threat of exposure to Covid-19 limiting our flying. If you, like me, have not been flying consistently for several months we may not be current and definitely not "proficient." Read the full article.

April - 2021 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

For the twelve-month period ending October 31, 2021, twenty (20) gliders and two (2) motorgliders, were involved in twenty-one (21) separate accidents meeting the reporting requirements of NTSB Part 830 of the Code of Federal Regulation. A mid-air collision between 2 gliders accounts for the discrepancy between 22 aircraft and 21 accidents. This represents a 4.5% decrease in the number of accidents reported during the previous 12 month reporting period. Read the full article.

May - Gliders and Checklists by Bill Palmer

Aviation is incredibly safe; in fact, it is amazingly safe by any measure. But it is not inherently so. It is only that way because a lot of people work hard every day to make it safe. You need to be one of those people. Read the full article.

June - The Possible Turn? by Tom Johnson

People who fly light single engine aircraft have been debating for a while now, whether you should attempt a return to the runway should you experience a loss of power on departure from the airport. They refer to this as "The Impossible Turn". Read the full article.