Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)

CFIG - Renew Your Glider Flight Instructor Certificate

The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) provides US flight instructors the ability to renew their FAA flight instructor certificate in a class tailored to the needs of Flight Instructors, pilots, and students. Course are held, upon request, around the country. Contact Richard Carlson [rcarlson501 at comcast.net] for more details.

The SSF has several FAA approved ACR (Airman Certification Representative) on staff. At the successful completion of the course, the SSF ACR will use IACRA to issue a new temporary CFI certificate to you. This means that course attendees no longer need to schedule a visit with their local FSDO to complete the renewal process.

Register for a course on-line and pay the $150 fee by credit card, sending a check to the SSA office in Hobbs, or pay at the door. Follow the On-Line Registration link to the registration form. Selecting Pay by Credit Card will send you to the SSA Store to complete the payment process. Classes start at 8:00 am on both days.

The schedule for 2023 is:

In-Person and Virtual Meeting Format*

Following the success of using Virtual Meetings during the Covid-19 Pandemic the FAA has agreed with the SSF that FIRCs can be conducted effectiveuly using this format. Thus the SSF now has the ability to run either in-person or virtual FIRCs. At the presnet time all FIRCs listed below are scheuled to be in-perons. Contact us if you would like to disucss adding another in-person or virtual FIRC to this schedule.

FIRC attendees are required to pass 2 daily tests to successfully complete the SSF FIRC. Starting in 2023 all tests will be given using an on-line web form. Therefore all attendees must register using the registraion link for the appropritate FIRC and they should being a laptop or tablet to class each day.<

For more information contact the SSF Webmaster at webmaster@soaringsafety.org.

Updated 3/3/2023

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Note: FIRC's tend to appear in the same location on a regular schedule. Looking at previous years schedules can help in long range planning activities.