Flight Instructor Refresher Course

CFIG - Renew Your Glider Flight Instructor Certificate - The SSF provides US glider flight instructors the ability to renew their FAA flight instructor certificate in a class tailored to the need of glider pilots and students. One FIRC is held in concurrent with the bi-annual SSA soaring convention. This FIRC is held the Tuesday and Wednesday preceeding the convention at the convention site. Other FIRCs are held, upon request, around the country. Contact Patricia Wager [flygirl12 at comcast.net] for more details.

All FIRCs are coordinated by a local contact. In Dec 2007 Pat Wager put together a pair of documents to help the local coordinator with this task. The FIRC checklist contains a detailed list of tasks that the local coordinator will perform prior to the FIRC date. The sample invitation letter gives you some guidance of what to tell FIRC attendees.

The local contact information for each FIRC will be updated as it becomes available. Unless otherwise noted all FIRCs will have the same time scheulde. Class will start at 8:00 am both on Saturday on Sunday. Presentations can be viewed/downloaded from the Sample Scheulde page.

SSF FIRC's are open to any Flight Instructor wishing to renew their FI certificate. As of 2008, the SSF FIRC can renew any FI certificate (glider, airplane, rotorcraft, ...). If your tow-pilots are airplane flight instructors they can how renew by attending the SSF FIRC. The SSF FIRCs are also open to any glider pilot who is interesed in learning more about the art of Soaring. You do not need to be a flight instructor to attend an SSF FIRC.

The current schedule for 2010 is:

Updated 12/12/2009