Safe soaring operations depend upon good coordination between the glider pilot, tow pilot, and ground crew. The following pages comprise a web-based course on wingrunning--from ground handling through the actual launch of the glider.

The final section of this course is a quiz. Successful completion of this quiz will earn the student a certificate which can be presented to soaring operations as evidence of the knowledge training required to be a safe and efficient wing runner.

This course is based on the standard signals and operating procedures of the Soaring Society of America, which may be found in the Soaring Flight Manual, available through the SSA and many U.S. soaring operations. Newly certificated wingrunners should receive practical instruction on wingrunning at their particular soaring operation before putting their knowledge into practice, as special circumstances often require unique signals and procedures to be used.

Ground Handling

Assisting the Pilot with Pre-Flight Preparations

Positioning the Glider for Takeoff

Assisting the Pilot with Pre-Takeoff Checklist

Connecting the Towline

Launching the Glider

Final Exam

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