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Soaring Safety Foundation Scenario DataBase
AC Topic Number
A.0 SSF Elective     A.1 Navigating in the 21st Century     A.2 Security-Related Special Use Airspace (SUA)
A.3 Transportation Security Administration (TSA)     A.4 How to Teach Effectively
A.5 Current Saftey Trends in GA     A.6 Pilot Deviations
A.7 How to make the best use of the FAA Safety Team     A.8 FAA Regulatory, Policy, and Publication Changes
A.9 How to conduct an Effective IPC and FR     A.10 Ethics and Professionalism
A.11 How to Teach Pilots to avoid LOC     A.12 Airman Certification Standards (ACR)
A.13 Flight Instructors and IACRA

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