Glider Flight Instructor Non-Owned Glider Liability Insurance Update


In 2001 Costello Insurance Associates, Inc. and AIG Aviation Inc. began offering a non-owned glider liability insurance product for glider flight instructors that provided liability insurance in three categories:

  1. Aircraft liability (negligently causing bodily injury or property damage to others while operating a non-owned glider).
  2. Non-owned physical damage liability (negligently damaging the non-owned glider that was being operated).
  3. Professional Liability (extending the aircraft liability limit to cover bodily injury and property damage sustained by others who alleged were it not for the CFIG giving poor instruction in the past they would not have sustained the loss).

This was a real plus as this coverage had not previously been offered to glider flight instructors, especially the Professional Liability extension. Unfortunately the pricing of the product was somewhat high and the professional liability coverage only applied to losses occurring during the policy period where the previous instruction had occurred within one year of the loss.

Recently AIG has modified the product and Costello Insurance is happy to report a reduction in the aircraft liability premium, the deletion of the $75 charge to add Professional Liability, and the deletion of the requirement that the instruction must have been given within 12 months of the loss. Now the instruction could have been given anytime prior to the loss. Of course the loss itself must occur during the policy period.

These changes make the CFIG Non-Owned Glider Insurance product broader and more affordable. For a no obligation quotation contact Costello Insurance Associates, Inc. at 800-528-6483, 480-967-3828 Fax, or by Email at

Pat Costello

*Losses are adjusted based on the coverage’s, terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy in force at the time.

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