Monthly Soaring Magazine Articles for 2020

January - First Flight – A great way to start a new Decade by Richard Carlson

Earlier this week I received a couple of emails informing me that winter is rapidly approaching and the soaring season in the Chicago area is coming to an end. The first email reminded me that it was time to disassemble most of the club gliders and pack the hangers with private trailers for the winter months. The next email indicated that it was time to start our winter council meetings, one night a month – starting at 7:30 PM. Who in the glider world starts something after the sun has set? Read the full article.

February - Surviving a Ramp Inspection by Stephen Dee

"Good morning! I’m with the FAA, and I’m here to conduct a Ramp Inspection!" These words often strike fear in the hearts of pilots everywhere, but it need not be so. To my great surprise, I have been Ramp Checked quite a few times during my 52 years of flying, (even once in France) and am glad to report that each opportunity for the FAA "to help" was met with success. Read the full article.

March - Soaring Site Observations: The Good the Bad and the Ugly by Burt Compton

By the invitation of soaring clubs and commercial operators, the Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) has conducted 107 free, friendly and confidential “Site Surveys” of soaring operations across the USA. This article touches on just a few of the recurring issues we’ve observed. Read the full article.

April - 2019 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

For the twelve-month period ending October 31, 2019, ten (10) gliders, six (6) motorgliders, and one (1) tow-plane were involved in seventeen (17) separate accidents meeting the reporting requirements of NTSB Part 830 of the Code of Federal Regulation. This represents a 37.0% decrease in the number of accidents reported during the previous reporting period. Read the full article.

May - Proactive Safety Program by Rich Carlson

In late February my glider club held its mandatory annual safety seminar to prepare for the start of a new soaring season. In preparation, the club's operations director sent a draft version of his presentation to the club instructors for comment. The main point on slide one was 'the club had no incidents in 2019'. Note this does not say no accidents, but no incidents. Given that I knew of several, I questioned that statement and got it changed to "no serious incidents". Read the full article.