SSF Safety Presentations

This page provides links to various presentation. These presentations may be used by the soaring community, provided that no changes are made and the SSF is listed as the source of this work.

NOSE TO NOSE - Over The White-Inyo Range - This Power Point presentation authored by Robert Semans and John Graybill concerns the potential of getting up close and personal with glider pilots from the opposite end of the state. If you fly the airspace over the White-Inyo Range, (the "White Mountain Corridor") between Nevada and California, this presentation is for YOU. Semans and Graybill discuss the airspace, the risks, and a solution in a proposed formal collision avoidance procedure for the White Mountain Corridor. The file is large, so folks with slower modems be patient (1MB). Click to download (2002/2004 Release)  Editors Note: After the presentation loads, right-click on the first slide and select "Full Screen". Right-click again and select "Speaker Notes", they contain some critical information.

Premature Termination of the Tow PT3 - Learn how to deal with an unexpected aerotow release.

Ten steps to safer Soaring - Learn how to make the sport of soaring safer.

SSF Safety Seminar May 14, 2011

Presenter: Richard Carlson
Location: Roanoke, VA
Flight Safety PPT slides
Human Factors PPT slides
Ten Things You Forgot PPT slides
Wind Shear PPT slides