Site Survey Program

Concept of the   "SOARING SITE SURVEY"

The Swedish Soaring Federation has determined that Site Safety Reviews have a major impact on soaring safety at the various gliding clubs in that country. Their studies have shown a decrease of more than 50% in the Swedish soaring accident rate.

The Soaring Safety Foundation "Soaring Site Survey":

In summary, the SSF "Soaring Site Survey" would:

Bottom Line:  Save lives, prevent injury, reduce damage to aircraft and property, and likely help your soaring operation save money in terms of expenses related to incidents and accidents.  A claims-free operation may reduce insurance premiums.

A sample list of items / procedures to be observed is listed below.

Invite the Soaring Safety Foundation to schedule a visit to your soaring site for a

"Soaring Site Survey"


BURT COMPTON,   Site Survey Program Manager
800-667-9464         e-mail:  BURTCOMPTON at

Soaring Site Survey Sample Items

 To understand the "culture" of your operation, we learn about the . . .

  • Historical Background of the Soaring Site
  • Management Structure
  • Accident / Incident History
  • Airport Environment
  • Airspace

After the survey of your operation, we will verbally report to you about . . .

  • Preflight Inspections
  • Ground Handling
  • Launch Point Organization
  • Use of Checklists
  • Standard Signals and Communications
  • Takeoff and Landing Patterns
  • Emergency Scenarios and Options

 We observe and talk with the people . . .

  • Line Crew and Towpilots
  • Students and Instructors
  • Pilots of Rental Gliders
  • Pilots of Private Gliders

  . . . these are just a few of the specific items and procedures that we survey, then confidentially provide our observations . . .

Invite us to your soaring site soon, for a "Soaring Site Survey."  

We will also conduct a SSF Safety Meeting for club members only, so they may express their views, concerns, and questions in confidence.

 Your Cost: free, although a small donation tax exempt donation to the SSF is welcome, and you will need to make arrangements for the evening safety meeting.

 Site Survey dates can be scheduled now.

Call toll-free:  1-800-667-9464.

Burt Compton, Program Manager