Flight Training Videos

PTS: Boxing the Wake

An ASK-21 demonstrating:

1) maneuvering on tow from the high to low tow position
2) a box the wake maneuver
3) practice emergency signal 'Glider cannot release'

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PTS: Slack Line

An ASK-21 demonstating a safe technique to recover from a slack line condition during aerotow

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PTS: Slips to Landing

An ASK-21 demonstrating the slips to landing maneuver

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PTS: Pattern and Landing

An ASK-21 demonstrating Normal, crosswind, and downwind patterns and landing maneuver

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PTS: Checklist Usage

An ASK-21 demonstrating the proper use of Checklists during pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight situations

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Crosswind Landing

Condor training video showing a glider pilot making a successful crosswind landing

The pilot is landing in a strong cross-wind from the left. The pilot must correct for the increased ground speed on base leg, start the turn from base to final at the proper time, and control the gliders ground track to ensure a safe landing at the predetermined touchdown point.

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SSA Standard Signals

A demonstation of the Standard Soaring Society of America ground and flight signals


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