SSF Scenario Database

From October 2015 thru February 2016 the Soaring Safety Foundation published a series of articles in SOARING on Scenario Based Training (SBT). SBT is the method that the airlines and military use to obtain there extremely low accident rates. The SSF strongly encourages glider clubs and commercial operators to adopt SBT methods to reduce the soaring accident rate.

The SSF Scenario Database contains scenarios generated for use in the SSF's Flight Instructor Refresher Couse (FIRC) classes. These scenarios provide the instructor, pilot, or other interesed individual with a short situation that may/does lead to an accident or incident. Pilots and instructors can then discuss the scenario and develop mitigation strategies that the pilot can use if they are ever faced with a similar situation.

This searchable scenario database provides a starting point for SBT. You can, and should, tailor these generic scenarios to your local operation. For example if the scenario describes a situation where multiple gliders are landing, talk about how you would accomplish this at your airport. What are the potential mitigation strageties that work at your field, and how can the pilot learn the skills needed to deal with this scenario if they are operating at some other soaring site.

New scenarios will be added to this database over time. If you have a specific scenario you would like to see added, email it to the SSF web site administration

Search the SSF Scenario Database - Search the SSF Scenario Database.