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Soaring Safety Foundation Incident Reporting DataBase
East     Midwest     West
Start Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
End Date (YYYY/MM/DD)
Incident Time
0800-1000     1000-1200     1200-1400     1400-1600     1600-1800     1800-2000    
Pilot Certificate
Student     Private     Commercial/ATP     CFI
Pilot Injuries
None     Minor     Serious     Fatal
Passenger Injuries
None     Minor     Serious     Fatal
Type of Flight
Instructional     Local     X-C     Contest    
Launch Method (if applicable)
Aero Tow     Auto Tow     Winch Tow     Self Launch
Incident Activity
Assembly     Pre-Flight     Ground Handling     Flight     Retrieve     Disassembly
Type of Aircraft
Damage to Aircraft
None     Minor     Substantial     Destroyed
Was there any damage to Canopy?
Yes     No     Not Reported
Weather Conditions
Clear Rain Thunderstorm Overcast Snow Fog N/A