Report a Safety Incident

The Soaring Safety Foundation regularly reviews the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) aviation accident data base to determine the root causes of soaring accidents. While the NTSB data can help in improving the safety culture of US soaring pilots, it does not capture all accidents nor does it capture incidents.

In an effort to capture trends that may help prevent future accidents, the SSF has prepared this Soaring Incident Reporting Form. Using this form, you can anonymously submit confidential information to the SSF Trustees. We will use this information to help design training and safety programs that may help reduce the number of US Soaring accidents.

Who should report? Anyone who observes an incident (Glider Pilots, Tow-Pilots, ground crew, wing runners, club officers, commercial operator staff, etc) should consider filling a SSF Incident Report. The purpose of these reports is to develop a better understanding of the incident trends that are occuring in the US. Your anonymous and confidential report can help make soaring safer for everyone.

Pilots and aircraft owners are reminded that they need to follow the reporting requirements specified in NTSB Part 830. If you have an accident, you should review NTSB Part 830 to determine what to report and when any report needs to be filed.

Thank you for doing your part to make soaring safer!

Soaring Safety Foundation Incident Reporting DataBase
East     Midwest     West
Incident Date
Incident Time
0800-1000     1000-1200     1200-1400     1400-1600     1600-1800     1800-2000    
Pilot Certificate
Student     Private     Commercial/ATP     CFIG
Pilot Injuries
None     Minor     Serious     Fatal
Passenger Injuries
None     Minor     Serious     Fatal
Type of Flight
Instructional     Local     X-C     Contest    
Launch Method (if applicable)
Aero Tow     Auto Tow     Winch Tow     Self Launch
Incident Activity
Assembly     Pre-Flight     Ground Handling     Flight     Retrieve     Disassembly
Type of Aircraft
Damage to Aircraft
None     Minor     Substantial     Destroyed
Was there any damage to Canopy?
Yes     No
Weather Conditions
Clear Rain Thunderstorm Overcast Snow Fog N/A
Incident Description

SSA Member     Yes     No
Comments: (Your thoughts on how this situation could have been avoided)
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Email Address:
Phone Number:
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Pilots may also wish to report avaition indidents through the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System. The ASRS program charter is

The ASRS acts on the information these reports contain. It identifies system deficiencies, and issues alerting messages to persons in a position to correct them. It educates through its newsletter CALLBACK, its journal ASRS Directline and through its research studies. Its database is a public repository which serves the FAA and NASA's needs and those of other organizations world-wide which are engaged in research and the promotion of safe flight.