Incident Reporting Database

The Soaring Safety Foundation needs input from You the SSA member. To make it easier for you to contribute information the SSF has created a number of web forms. These forms allow you to anonymously submit confidential information, or request safety material from the SSF.

The Incident Reporting Database allows you, the interested individual, to report incidents or to search the database for incidents that others have reported.

Incidents are defined as a action or event that might have, or will in the future, become an accident. By looking at incidents the SSF Trustees, and other interested glider pilots, can look for and identify emerging safety trends. Armed with this knowledge the SSF, soaring clubs, and commercial soaring operations can take actions to prevent the accident from occurring.

Register a new Incident into the Database - This page allows you to enter a new incident into the database. The web form uses radio buttons for most entries and allows free-form text to describe the Incident and add additional comments.

Search the Incident Database - The searchable Database allows pilots, ground_crew, wing runners, and other interested individuals to search the Incident Reporting Database. The SSF Trustees will post information on incident trends as the database usage grows.