Administrative Tools

These tools allow authorized individuals to create and/or update various databases.

FIRC tools and pages

FIRC Administration
1) Allows FIRC administrators to update FIRC location, dates, and POC information.
2) Allows FIRC POC to access registration database for their specific FIRC.

FIRC Stage Test Administration
Allows FIRC administrators to create, edit, delete stage test questions.

FIRC Attendees Stage Tests
Allows FIRC attendees to take the daily stage tests.

Stage Test Search
Allows FIRC administrators to search the stage test question database.

SSF admin tools and pages

SSF Administration
Allows SSF administrator to authorize individuals to perform specific tasks

Generate Duplicate Bronze Badge Test Report
Allows BBSG administrators to generate a duplicate Bronze Badge test report for a SSAI.

Bronze Badge Study Guide Administration
Allows BBSG administrators to create, edit, delete Bronze Badge Study Guide questions.

WingRunner and TowPilot Quiz Administration
Allows SSF administrators to view statistics and print duplicate certificates.

Approve Incident Reports Administration
Allows authorized individuals to approve or reject Incident reports.

Flight Times Administration
Allows SSF administrator to create, update, delete entries in the Flight Times database.